Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mind development for Kids

In these days mind development of our kids is very important. Toys are tools which help in the overall development of a child. They not only engage the kid but also help in his or her process of learning, talking, walking and in the overall process of development. Moreover, the educational toys or the pre school toys for the kids play an extremely important role in their learning and over all development process. These are made in such a way that kids can be kept engaged, entertained and can also be educated at the same time. Thus, they are sometimes referred to as edutainment.

Toys for Little Angels: If your kid is a toddler, it is always better to hand him wooden toys like dolls, icons, blocks, trains, etc. These are extremely safe for small children than present day plastic toys and others. Plastic toys contain some harmful and hazardous lead based toxics. Growing toddlers have a habit of putting toys in their mouths. Thus, the toxic contents can have harmful effects on their health. The wooden toys are made from natural woods like bamboo, pine etc and do not contain any toxic content as they are mostly painted with natural dyes. Other factor is the detailing part. Plastic toys are modern day toys and have detailed designs and small attachments and extensions.

They can pose a lot of danger for toddlers as they can choke them. Toys made from wood are basic, with little attention to details or extensions and have a smooth surface. They are put together by using glue rather than nails to be safer for kids. In addition to this, they are stronger and durable. Toys for Growing Kids who are in the Process of Learning to Walk: When your kids are moving on from being crawlers to taking few baby steps towards walking, push and pull toys are the best option for them.

Toddlers at this age love to play with something that can reciprocate or can respond to them. Thus, these toys are the best companion for them. These toys give the toddlers the freedom to stand up on their own and even help them take a few baby steps. Pull toys or push along toys like cars or trucks with strings, can be used as walker encouraging your kid to walk along them and build his or her balance. Push-along toys like toy cars or lawn mowers can boost a child's motor skills as well as creativity.

They can run behind these toys to catch them and in the process learn walking. At this stage, you can also use traditional toys like the wooden rocking horse to build your kid's balance and boost his or her confidence while walking. Educational Toys for Pre-School or School goer kids: At this stage, kids need toys that help in learning and developing creativity and cognitive skills. Educational toys are not only interesting but also sharpen the child's learning and grasping abilities and encourage learning amongst them. Puzzles, wooden alphabetical blocks, science wiz kids, sketchbooks, etc are some toys, which encourages mind development in kids.